Our Journey Through the Decades

Goh Seng Lai Company Pte Ltd was founded by the late Mr Goh Seng Lai in 1960 and has been in undisrupted operations for more than 6 decades. This is significant as the 60 years constitute a complete cycle based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Through this period, the milestones may be summarized as follow:

1960s   The main service provided by Company was limited to erection of traditional Wayang Stage, initially using attap as roof and evolving to using canvas later on.

1970s   The company started to undertake timber platform works for expositions and fun fairs which are typically held on open undulating grounds.

1980s   Goh Seng Lai Company Pte Ltd had progressed to offering more services such as erection of temporary tents, stages, rental of tables, chairs and generators, motorise Truss System and temporary electrical works. During this period, the actual operations of the business are transferred to the five sons and two daughters of Mr Goh Seng Lai.

1990s   Services provided by Goh Seng Lai Company are expanded to include overall coordination of promotional events and special functions. In these projects, Goh Seng Lai Company acts as the main contractor and becomes directly responsible for the works undertaken by the other sub-contractors.

2000s   The Company invests heavily in lorry cranes, scissors lifts, forklifts and machinery such as motorised truss roof system so as to lessen reliance on manual labour and thereby becomes more productive.

2010s   The operations of the Company becomes more structured with emphasis on ensuring workers’ safety and well-being.

2020s   The world is hit with the COVID-19 pandemic and the Company is badly affected. During this period, the Company is proud to have been able to play a small part working hand-in-hand with the frontline personnel to provide temporary accommodations for the migrant workers. The Company is proud to have overcome this adversity and has emerged stronger and increased confidence to take the Company to newer frontiers.

Our Mission

“Our Client deserves the best!”
This is consistently achieved because there is always a Partner of the Company directly responsible for the successful delivery of the project. Concurrently, Goh Seng Lai Company will continue to invest in new materials and equipment to propagate Our Mission.

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